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McGuffey's Readers and Spellers

The McGuffey series of readers took a student from the beginning primer through higher reading levels until finally he or she worked with the Fourth Reader. This level was not named "fourth" because it was intended for someone in the fourth grade. Instead, it was merely the fourth reader in the series. The level of reading and reasoning complexity is much beyond what you would expect to find in today's fourth grade.

They were mentioned in one of the store ledgers examined in Virginia's book/CD Historic Accounts and the condition of originals we have seen testifies to their frequent use -- the covers are usually in very poor condition due to wear.

The books in this series represent a compromise between content and appearance. The size of the book is slightly larger than the original readers. However, the contents are generally correct for the 1836/1849 editions of McGuffey's (The editors changed a few words that are less familiar to modern readers. These words are noted in the Publisher's Preface in the respective books.). There is another production of McGuffey's that are the correct size but the contents are from the late 19th century and early 20th century. It only takes a glance at the illustrations to see that many of them are past the civil war period. We would rather have the mostly correct contents and tolerate a slightly larger size.

One feature of this set of readers is that each has the term "eclectic" in the title. To draw on an 1861 Webster's dictionary, eclectic meant "Selecting; choosing; an epithet given to certain philosophers of antiquity, who did not attach themselves to any particular sect, but selected from the opinions and principles of each what they thought solid and good." When considering the contents, a particularly appropriate term.

To view the description of individual books, click on the respective book below. The individual books are priced as follows:

Primer - $ 6.99
Pictorial Primer - $ 12.99

First Reader - $ 12.99
Second Reader - $ 15.99
Third Reader - $ 16.99
Fourth Reader - $ 26.99

Progressive Speller - $ 12.99

And if you want to save a bit on the seven books listed above, we offer the entire set of seven books -- 2 primers, 4 readers, and the speller -- for $ 99.99.

And for parents wanting to use the books as a modern educational tool, there is a Parent-Teacher Guide for $ 12.99. We are not currently carrying this book but will add it to the catalog if there is sufficient demand. Let us know if you are interested in this modern volume.

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