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We've added a few new books so to make it easier to find the new ones we have bolded the titles of books added since January 1.

Reproduction 19th Century Books and Publications

Book Short Description Price
Aldridge & Co Catalog A reproduction of a dry goods catalogue from 1858 Philadelphia. 95 pages. Paperbound. $ 10.00
American Frugal Housewife - By L. Maria Child. One of the earlier cookbooks that, in addition to recipes, also included some short essays of general advice. 130 pages. Hardbound. $ 9.95
American Home Cook Book - By An American Lady. A cook book with hundreds of everyday recipes. Also contains illustrations of cooking equipment. 133 pages. Hardbound. $ 16.00
American Orchardist - By James Thatcher. A thorough discussion of managing orchard trees, extensive listings of apples, peaars, peaches, and other fruits from trees. 1825.
236 pages. Paperbound.
$ 16.95
American Spelling Book - by Noah Webster -- Also known as the "Blueback Speller" due to its blue cover, this is a reproduction of a classic instructional book of more than just spelling words. Originally printed in 1824. 168 pages. Hardbound. $ 14.95
Beadle's Dime Chess Instuctor A small book that instructs both beginner and more experienced alike. 80 pages. Paperbound $ 9.95
Beadle's Dime Book of Croquet A small book that provides the rules for the game as well as several different arrangements for the hoops. 28 pages. Paperbound $ 8.00
Beadle's Dime Cookbook A small cookbook that contains a wide variety of recipes for all situations. 100 pages. Paperbound $ 10.00
Beadle's Dime Guide to Dress-Making and Millinery A book of instructions for making garments and bonnets. 76 pages. Paperbound $ 9.95
Beadle's Dime Family Physician A book describing 1860's treatment for a variety of conditions and ailments. Paperbound $ 9.95
Beadle's Dime Letter-Writer A book of instructions for producing letters and some other written materials. 98 pages. Paperbound $ 9.95
Beadle's Dime Book of Practical Etiquette A book that packs a tremendous quantity of information for proper behavior in society. 72 pages. Paperbound $ 10.00
Blank Notebook See the description page for full details. Perfect for military and civilian alike for keeping notes in the field, writing recipes or patterns, keeping a journal, sketching, etc&. etc&. about 70 sheets or about 140 pages if you use both sides of each sheet. See description
A Blockaded Family by Parthenia Hague - A reproduction of the 1888 book that describes life in Southern Alabama during the Civil War, including substitutions for scarce items. 176 pages. Paperbound. Includes an index by Virginia Mescher. $ 12.95
The Boy's Own Book by William Clarke - A reproduction of the 1829 printing of a book of boy's games, sports, and other amusements. 316 pages. Paperbound $ 12.95
The Boy's Book of Trades A reproduction of a book printed around 1860 that discusses more than 30 trades practiced during the mid-nineteenth century. Includes numerous illustrations of tools. 316 pages. Hardbound $ 30.00
The Child's First Book of Arithmetic A book of basic instruction in arithmetic. Covers the four main functions and fractions. 112 pages. Paperbound $ 9.95
Christmas Entertainments A reproduction of a 1740 book of secular -- and often surprising -- Christmas entertainments. Don't expect much pertaining to the sacred meaning of Christmas! 58 pages. Paperbound $ 10.80
Confederate Receipt Book A reproduction of the 1863 classic collection of Confederate recipes "adapted to the times". The recipes are for a variety of items and not just culinary. 36 pages. Paperbound $ 9.95
Crossing the Plains by William Audley Maxwell. A reproduction of a 1915 book that describes an 1857 journey from western Missouri to California. 179 pages. Paperbound $ 16.95
The Domestic Physician and Family Assistant - by Marlin Gardner and Benjamin Aylworth - A reproduction of an 1836 book providing medical advice, herbal remedies, and the 1836 method of treating ailments. 143 pages. Paperbound $ 12.95
The Education of a Daughter - by Archbishop Fenelon - A reproduction of an 1847 book (originally written in France around 1687) providing advice for raising and educating daughters. 152 pages. Paperbound $ 14.95
Etiquette and the Usages of Society - an 1860 comprehensive book of proper behavior in society. 64 pages. Paperbound $ 6.00
Every Man His Own Doctor Another medical book, this one from 1835, which not only address human ailments but also briefly touches on diseases in some animals 59 pages. Paperbound $ 9.80
The Family Nurse Another medical book but this time giving advice for home care. Originally published in 1837. 156 pages. Paperbound $ 9.95
The Fashionable Dancer's Casket - by Charles Durang - A reproduction of a period instruction manual for dancing. It was originally published in 1856. 192 pages. Paperbound $ 9.95
The Favourite Book of Fables A collection of timeless fables, each with its moral, from Aesop. 128 pages. Hardbound. $ 20.00
The Florist's Manual - by H. Bourne - A reference book for numerous varieties of flowers. Originally published in 1833 and containing 73 color illustrations. It also mentions in the discussion of each flower the symbolism or meaning of the different flowers. 288 pages. Hardbound. $ 17.95
From Dixie to Canada - by H. U. Johnson - A reproduction of an 1894 book describing the escapes of nine different slaves on the Underground Railroad. Although it is based on recollection, it provides some idea of the methods used in operating the Railroad. And, although I haven't read every one of the stories so far, there isn't a single mention of an Underground Railroad quilt. 194 pages. Hardbound. $ 21.50
The Girl's Own Book by L. Maria Child - A reproduction of the 1834 book of games, puzzles, handcrafts, and other activities. 288 pages. Paperbound $ 12.95
Hand Shadows and More Hand Shadows - A combined reproduction of two 1859 books showing how to make different shadow images. No numbered pages but contains 31 shadow images. Paperbound $ 4.25
Hand Book of Knitting and Netting A reproduction of an 1849 book of knitting and netting instructions for different items. See the detailed writeup for a listing of the items that have instructions in the book. 64 pages. Paperbound $ 7.95
Handmaid to the Arts - A reproduction of a 1764 book containing instructions for staining wood, ivory, bone, horn, paper, and stone. 28 pages. Paperbound. $ 10.00
Harper's Weekly A high quality reproduction of the issues (November 1860 through November 1865) that related most to the civil war. A valuable tool for viewing the life of ordinary people and their concerns and interests as well as a prop for anyone interpreting the civil war period. Especially good as a "haversack stuffer" for soldiers. For a full description, use the link to the detailed write-ups. See Details
Hospital Sketches by Louisa May Alcott - The author of Little Women records her experiences while working in a Washington hospital. Originally published in 1863. 96 pages. Paperbound. $ 8.00
The Illustrated Language of Flowers by Mrs. L. Burke - A small book first published in 1865 that both identifies the sentiments for each flower listed and also cross references the flower associated with different emotions, attributes, or situations. 95 pages. Paperbound. $ 10.00
The Kentucky Housewife by Mrs. Lettice Bryan - A reproduction of a cookbook originally published in 1839. Contains a wealth of culinary recipes as well as some household recipes. 456 pages. Paperbound. $ 14.95
The Knitter's Companion by Mrs. Mee and Miss Austin - A reproduction of an instruction booklet published in London with a collection of knitting patterns. Originally published pre-1862. 39 pages. Paperbound. $ 6.95
The Knitter's Companion: Second Series by Mrs. Mee and Miss Austin - A second reproduction of an instruction booklet published in London with more knitting patterns. Originally published in 1862. 30 pages. Paperbound. $ 5.95
The Language and Sentiment of Flowers by James D. McCabe - The exact publication date of this book is unknown. But, when the meanings of the floweres are compared to period books on the same topic, they are very similar. 96 pages with many color illustrations. Hardbound. $ 12.95
Madam Le Marchand's Fortune Teller by Madam Le Marchand - A guide to fortune telling using dice, cards, and other means as well as interpretation of dreams. 134 pages. Paperbound. $ 12.95
The Magic Lantern #5 This is a book with a set of cutout figures to use to perform a magic lantern show. Some short scripts are supplied but the user is free to make plays with their own dialogue. Paperbound. $ 12.00
Martine's Hand-Book of Etiquette, and Guide to True Politeness by Arthur Martine - Back in Stock. Although this book was first published in 1866, it is a good guide to proper behavior during the period of the Civil War because manners did not change that much in the intervening years. 167 pages. Paperbound. $ 14.95
McGuffey's Readers and Speller by William H. McGuffey - A reproduction of the famous series of readers and the companion speller that were a common schoolbook in the 19th century. Number of pages vary by the volume. Details are at the next page level so click here for more details. Prices Vary by Volume
Model Men by Horace Mayhew - A reproduction of an English satirical book first published in 1847. It pokes fun at various masculine roles. Although English, the roles were either universal or had counterparts in the United States. 88 pages plus several pages of advertisements. Paperbound $ 13.00
The Mother's Book by L. Maria Child - Originally published in 1831, this book was used for decades as a guide for raising children, including the process of instilling social values. Much of the advice is still applicable in today's world. 169 pages. Hardbound. $ 12.95
Mrs. Hill's New Cook Book by Mrs. A. P. Hill - A reproduction of the cook book published by a Mrs. Hill not the wife of General A.P. Hill originally copyrighted in 1870. Still very close to the civil war period. 427 pages. Paperbound. $ 14.95
The Natural History of the Flirt by Albert Smith - a humorous examination feminine flirtation. 107 pages. Paperbound. $ 12.30
The New Knitter or Lady's Work Table A collection of knitting projects. Most projects are decorative items or trims although there are a few clothing pieces. 75 pages. Paperbound. $ 8.95
Paper Dolls and How to Make Them (No Author Stated but written by C. B. Allair) - This book was originally published in 1856. It has been carefully reproduced so that the reproduction bears a striking resemblance to what an original would have looked like when it was new. The ISBN label can be peeled off (or omitted completely if you desire) so that it can be taken to the field by reenactors and used in period scenarios.
Available Wholesale
22 pages of text and 8 color plates. Paperbound.
$ 6.95
Parlour Games, Book of The publisher of this book is currently out of stock. We have requested copies when it is printed again but we don't know when that will be. We will post a note here when it is available again.
by Catherine H. Waterman - This book was originally published in 1854 and was one of the first books on parlor games that we have seen. Also contains rebuses, period charades, and enigmas. 288 pages. Paperbound.
$ 16.95
Personal Beauty by D.G. Brintio, M.D. and George H. Hapheys, M.D. - A reproduction of a book that discusses the beautifying practices of the time period. Originally copyrighted in 1870. 309 pages. Paperbound. $ 12.95
A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes by Charles Elme Francatelli - A reproduction of a cook book with relatively simple fare. From an original printed in 1861. 105 pages. Paperbound. $ 12.30
Pollock's Toy TheatreThis publication is also in the "Toys". This theater that you can build comes as a large format book. You cut out the pieces, glue it together, and put on a play.$ 16.50
Pollock's Blackbeard the Pirate Toy Theatre This publication is also in the "Toys". This play is similar to the previous item in that it comes as a book and you can cut out scenery and players and use the script included. Click on this item for a full writeup.$ 13.95
Ray's Arithmetic Series - by Joseph Ray. Although there were Ray's Arithmetic books produced during the 1840's, this edition is from post war. There were some changes in these later editions in exact content and the order of some sections, but the teaching methods and style of problems are the same as the earlier ones. This is the best available reproduction of a series of nineteenth century arithmetic books. Number of pages vary by the volume. Hardbound. Details about each volume are at the next page level. Prices Vary by Volume
Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes and Sweetmeats by A Lady of Philadelphia - A reproduction of an 1858 book written by Eliza Leslie. 88 pages. Paperbound. $ 9.95
Slave Narratives Descriptions are in the listing for "Modern Books" since they were written in the 20th century. These are reprints of the books produced by the Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration. They record interviews and other recollections of former slaves. Currently we carry the narratives for the states of Maryland, South Carolina, and Virginia but can get other states if there is demand. Number of pages vary by state. $ 14.95 per state volume
The Sociable or 1001 Home Amusements by George Arthur. This reproduction is "the Bible" for home-grown entertainments. It contains parlor games, tableaux vivants, charades (not at all like the modern game), magic, and much more. 375 pages. Paperbound. $ 14.95
The Southern Gardener by P. Thornton. This reproduction, originally published in 1845, contains instructions for gardening in the South as well as numerous cooking, medical, and veterinary receipts.

Paperbound. 403 pages

$ 24.95
Spectropia by J. H. Brown. This reproduction, originally published in 1863 in England, contains images that you stare at and then look at a neutral background. What appears on that background is a "ghost" of the image but with colors reversed, e.g., what was red now appears as green.

Paperbound. 11 pages of text plus 16 color images

$ 12.30
Spencerian Copy Books These books are a facimile of the books used to learn Spencerian style penmanship during the nineteenth century. Also includes a Theory Book. See the next level page level for details. Varies by book and quantity
Ten Nights in a Bar-room and What I Saw There by T.S. Arthur. This is a reproduction of a classic book promoting temperance. It is a must for a full understanding of the sentiments of the period temperance movement and for anyone doing a temperance scenario. 240 pages. Paperbound. $ 14.95
What Mrs. Fisher Knows by Mrs. Abby Fisher. This is a reproduction of what is billed as the first African-American cookbook. But, although published in 1881, due to the age of Mrs. Fisher at the end of the civil war it is probably a reasonable sample of plantaion style cooking from the ante-bellum and civil war period. 94 pages. Paperbound. $ 8.95
A Winter Gift for Ladies by An American Lady. This is a reproduction of a small booklet with patterns for knitting, netting, and crotchet. Originally published in 1847. 65 pages. Paperbound. $ 5.95