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Of course, we hope you visit this page and order enough stuff so I can quit my day job, sell this enterprise, and retire to the Carribean ;-)

Not really, because in the Carribean I would miss all the wonderful people I've discussed toys and games with -- but your patronage is appreciated. As an added bonus, your support makes further research and new products possible.

Delivery Times

We have often been able to process and ship orders withing 24 hous after we receive them. However, we recommend that you not assume that we can always offer such a quick turnaround. Since we are small, we sometimes will run out of an item that we will have to wait until we have a low enough stock in other items to achieve the minimum orders from our suppliers. Sometimes our suppliers are out of stock and we need to wait for them to replenish their inventory. Also, if we do not check our mailbox or email on a particular day for whatever reason, we will not receive your order until we do check. For your own satisfaction and peace of mind, try to remember to order about a month before you think you'll need the item.

If you want to order, you can order via email, telephone, or regular mail. If payment is not made at time of order, the order will be shipped COD.

If you want to order by email or telephone and avoid COD charges, you can send payment via the electronic payment service of Paypal or by credit card.

You can order by telephone, mail, or email when using your credit card. If you wish to pay for an email order by credit card, do not send us a card number on the email. Call us and provide the card number to us directly.

If using Paypal, when asked for the recipient on the Paypal website, you would send the payment to our email address which is raggedsoldier@gmail.com To find out more about Paypal, please visit their site.

DO NOT send credit card information directly to us over the internet because we do not have a secure line.
If ordering by phone, DO NOT leave us a message with your credit card number.

To order by mail from this web site:

1. You can use a plain sheet of paper, lined or unlined, or the order form

2. Include your name, shipping address, telephone number, and, if you have e-mail, your e-mail address.

3. List the quantity first, the name of the item, and the price for all items you want to order.

4. After listing all the items, add the prices to obtain a subtotal.

5. This next step is for Virginia residents only. For fellow Virginians, add 5 percent sales tax.

6. Shipping and Handling Charges

We use common carrier shipping, such as, the postal service and UPS. If you need delivery faster than postal Priority Mail or UPS ground service, we can provide the service but you will need to pay the difference in shipping prices. Even with the faster service, we cannot guarantee the performance of the common carriers so ordering well in advance of your needs is recommended.

There is also additional shipping charge for destinations outside the 48 conterminous United States. We do ship to other countries but we will calculate the shipping costs for the various options and provide a choice regarding the service level desired.

Using the normal shipping charge table below for orders in the 48 states (contact us for the S&H for other orders), add the shipping cost to the subtotal and calculate your total.

Less than $10 order - add $ 5.75
$10 to $15 order - add $ 7.00
$15 to $20 order - add $ 8.00
More than $20 order - add $ 9.00

7. Include full payment with the order payable to "Ragged Soldier Sutlery" or we will ship COD. Save money (COD charges) by including a check, using Paypal, or by using a credit card.

8. If using a credit card, write your card number, expiration date, billing name and address on the order form.

(NOTE: We charge $15.00 for a check returned to us by a bank.)

As an alternative, you can call us at 703-978-3925 and we will take your order over the phone. The order will be shipped immediately if you send funds via credit card, Paypal or wish to use COD. If you need to contact us with any questions about products or availability or questions about ordering, you can email us at raggedsoldier@gmail.com. Please don't email any credit card information. We do not have a secure line.

Orders can be sent to:

Ragged Soldier Sutlery
Order Department
P.O. Box 10311
Burke, VA 22009-0311

A suggestion to keep the costs of shipping low. Pool your order with friends in your area and share the shipping. For example, if each of three people purchased $10 of products for an order shipped to one address, the shared shipping would be $3 per person instead of $7 for each of the individual orders.