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Ray's Arithmetic Series

The Ray's Arithmetic Series that we carry took a student from the beginning of arithmetic with number recognition, through the simple functions, and on through fractions, decimals, powers and roots, and simple geometry with numerous other related topics along the way. Unfortunately. although we have an original Ray's Practical Arithmetic from the civil war period, no one is reproducing the series from that period. The Ray's books that we offer are a later edition (1877). When we compared the two, we found many changes in physical format and some sections had been expanded while others had been reduced. But, the same philosophy was continuous thoughout the evolution of the books over the years so that the presentation and types of problems in this later edition was the same as in the earlier publications. So, until an earlier issue is reproduced, this set could be used for a presentation on the civil war era teaching of arithmetic.

We carry three books in the series although there is a fourth, the Higher Arithmetic that can be special ordered. For anyone wanting to do a teacher's impression, we can also obtain the keys to the problems in all of the books. You should contact us directly if you are interested in this.

Special Notice for HomeSchoolers. If you wish to use the Ray's books for teaching arithmetic, we can obtain all four of the arithmetic books, keys to the problems, test examples for the Practical and Higher Arithmetics, and a Parent-Teacher Guide.

To view the description of individual books, click on the respective book below. The individual books are priced as follows:

Primary Arithmetic - $ 7.99
Intellectual Arithmetic - $ 9.99

Practical Arithmetic - $ 16.99

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