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A card game played during the nineteenth century by two or four people at a time. The board was used as a means to count points, thus changing the rather mundane activity of keeping score to a more exciting race.

The board that we carry is hinged so it may be transported easily. Folded, it is 3 3/4 inches long, just a scootch less than two inches wide, and 3/4 inch thick. When unfolded as it would be for playing, it would be twice as long but only half as thick.

As was mentioned in the listing, it comes with a set of cards but those cards are modern coated cards. If being used for a nineteenth century impression, you may wish to purchase Playing Cards to use with the board.

There is one other modification that would need to be made to make it more accurate for a historical scenario. The underside has a small compartment where the pegs can be stored when not in use. However, the sliding cover is plastic. If you want to make a wooden cover, a craft stick from a hobby store or a tongue depressor could be shaped to replace the plastic cover.

The set also comes with instructions (they claim that the game can be played with 3 people but I don't understand myself how the board could be used for three players). The instructions can get you started but, if possible, you will learn the game and its strategies faster if someone who plays provides some instruction. When I taught a group to play, we all played with our hands face up and I would explain the strategies of different hands.

The price for a cribbage set is $5.95

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