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The Kentucky Housewife

On the title page of this book is the statement "contains nearly thirteen hundred full receipts." This is first a cookbook so most are culinary although they are different from what would appear in a cookbook today. Some are pretty basic, their apparent intent being to get the food properly cooked without it being ruined. Where embellishments are added, a quick skimming indicates that they are limited in complexity.

Because long-term storage of food was not as simple as it is today, a lot of the receipts deal with preserving food. When reading the titles of the receipts, the reader is struck by the variety of foods, especially in the meats. There are instructions for foods which we would now consider quite out of the ordinary, especially wild game, e.g., squirrels, rabbits, woodcocks, snipe, and redbirds. In order to avoid wasting any part of a butchered animal, there are receipts for cooking parts of the animals that I would expect contribute now to the ingredients of sausage or other blended meats.

Besides receipts for normal consumption, other realities of life crowd in. There are numerous receipts for preparing foods for the sick. On a lighter note, there are receipts for cosmetics and fragrances and miscellaneous receipts to produce common household items.

Price: $14.95

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