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A Winter Gift for Ladies

This is very good reproduction of a booklet originally published in 1847. The author is unknown but she is only identified as "An American Lady." This contains patterns for knitting, netting, and crochet work.

The booklet has about fifty knitting projects -- although some are just variations of the instructions for an earlier project -- stated in the original period instructions. They range from items as small as garters on up to a blanket that requires 2 1/2 pounds of yarn for a 4' x 5' blanket.

In the netting patterns there are almost twenty projects. Some of these are, like the knitting patterns, variations of an earlier pattern and not a completely new design.

The last technique, crochet, consists of eleven patterns. A lot of them are either gloves, mitts, or socks. Although most patterns call for wool, there are are two patterns (one for a pair of men's gloves and the other for a purse) that involve using silk to crochet. I'd love to see that pair of men's gloves!

Size: 5 7/8 inches tall and 3 3/4 inches wide

65 pages

Price: $ 5.95

Listing of Projects:

(K) = Knitted (N) = Netting (C) = Crochet

(K) Four Beautiful Patterns of Lace Edgings for Collars, Dresses, &c.
(K) A Baby's Sock
(K) Baby's Socks 1st size
(K) Baby's Mufflers
(K) Child's Sock, to be Worn with Shoes
(K) Knee Caps in Lambs' Wool
(K) Evening Carriage Shoes
(K) Plain Mittens
(N) Netted Mittens
(K) Lambs'-Wool Muffatees
(K) Driving Muffatees
(K) Corkscrew Muffatees
(K) Fringe No. 1
(K) Fringe No. 2
(K) Herringbone Purse
(K) A Strong Purse
(K) Porcupine Knitting for a Purse
(K) Spotted Purse
(K) Another Purse
(N) A Net Purse in Points
(N) Corkscrew Netting for a Purse
(K) D'oyleys
(K) Save All Bag
(K) Moss-Stitch, To Make a Thick Bag
(K) Double Knitting [explanation for use in later projects]
(K) Double Blanket
(K) A Gentleman's Comforter. Double Knitting.
(K) A Comfortable Comforter
(K) Double Knitted Shawl
(K) Double Knitted Shawl, with Colored Border
(K) Pincushion Cover. Leaf Pattern.
(K) Knitted Kettle Holder
(N) Netted Curtain
(N) Netted Scarf
(N) Treble Diamond Netting
(N) Single Diamond Netting
(N) Tuft Netting
(K) Night Stocking
(K) Another Night Stocking
(K) To Knit a Quilt in Stripes
(K) Twisted Column Quilt
(K) Moss Stitch for Quilt
(K) Imitation Coral
(K) Insertion
(K) Garters
(K) Ribbed Cephaline
(N) Double Netting for a Mitten
(N) Patterns for D'Oyleys, Basket, or Fish Napkins, and Purses
(N) Netted Lambs'-Wool Shawl or Handkerchief
(N) Netted Sofa Tidy
(N) To Work the Backs of Netted Mittens
(K) Feather Mits
(K) Cuffs, Peacock Stitch
(N) Netted Cuffs
(K) Gentlemen's Muffatees
(K) A Pence Purse, or Jug
(K) Ladies Stitch Bag
(N) Netted Bag
(N) Striped Purse
(K) Purse Stitch
(N) Bead Netting
(K) Diamond Knitting
(K) Border for a Table Cover
(K) Border and Fringe (for a table cover or shawl)
(K) Leggings
(K) Night-Cap (French Pattern)
(K) Lambs'-Wool Sleeve
(K) Baby's Lambs'-Wool Cap
(K) Brioche or Moorish Cusion
(C) Single Crotchet Stitch [Instruction for use in subsequent patterns]
(C) Muffatee Stitch [Instruction for use in subsequent patterns]
(C) Double Crotchet Stitch [Also instruction]
(C) Plain Double Crotchet Purse
(C) Open Crotchet Purse
(C) Gentleman's Cap
(K? C?) Shoe and Stocking Socks
(K) Another Top of Socks
(K? C?) Socks without Shoe and Stocking
(K? C?) Mitts with the Figure on the Back of the Hand, and Holes Inside and in the Thumb
(K? C?) Plain Mitt
(K? C?) A Pair of Gloves Large Men's Size

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