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Conversation Cards - Set 1

The concept of conversation cards -- a gentleman asks a question printed on a card and a lady provides an answer from a second set of cards -- had been in use from the early nineteenth century through the time of the civil war. This set is a reproduction in the exact words and approximate size of conversation cards from the 1850's in the collection of the American Antiquarian Society, located in Worcester, MA (reproduced with permission). An interesting element is that, unlike the later "Question and Answer" with simple single sentence statements, the questions and answers are phrased as a series of statements, e.g., for the gentlemen, each card has three related questions which are asked as one, and at least two of the three lines rhyme and sometimes all three.

The set has 25 each of questions and answers. In lieu of using different colors of papers, we have used a different technique also employed to differentiate the sets of questions from answers at a glance. The questions use red ink and black ink is used for the answers. The cards themselves are the size of modern business cards. Some assembly is required. The cards are printed on stock cut to the proper size and the user must first separate the cards. In the image of the cards to the right, the handwritten number seen on the cards can be ignored. We wrote that number on our display set in case they got mixed together. There is no number printed on the sets for sale.

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