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Clothes Pins

If you have ever visited the Steamboat Arabia musuem in Kansas City, you will see among the cargo some clothes pins. The pins were of two kinds, either a solid wooden one that had been turned and then a slot cut for the clothesline or a hinged two-piece kind with a spring to clamp the pin to the clothesline. No one makes the latter kind with the spring (not the same as modern spring closure pins). But we have found some very similar to the solid wood pins that were on the Arabia. We will post a picture of the Arabia pins after we obtain permission from the museum. The ones we carry are almost identical in appearance.

If doing a laundry impression, be sure to use the proper rope for your clothesline. It should not be the modern braided cotton with plastic core rope commonly sold for clothes line. If you can't find anything else, 1/4 inch hemp rope will do but a smaller diameter of twisted hemp rope would be better and would be easier to use the pins.

We have also found references for their use a toys by both boys and girls. The boys would use them to build forts or as toy soldiers. The girls could use them as a base for a crude doll. If you would like a copy of a five page paper on the use of clothes pins as toys, please request it when you order pins. The paper provides a number of primary resources.

Price: $.40 per single pin
$3.50 for 10 pins

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