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Buzz Saw

Some other names for this toy are a "horizontal top" and a "water cutter." The style we sell is not clear how it got the other names. But, if you put shallow notches in the edge of the disc (The toy shown has the notches. If they are not clearly visible, that is one indication of how shallow they are. They don't have to be really deep.) and hold a thin piece of cardboard against the notches while it is spinning, it will roar like its namesake, the buzz saw.

As a tip for using the toy, beginners - especially young children - will pull on the handles without relaxing between pulls. The effect is to promptly straighten the strings and the toy stops spinning. In order to keep spinning, the strings must be relaxed by moving the hands a few inches toward each other while the disk is spinning. This relaxation of the strings allows them to retwist. Then when the disk is almost stopped, a strong pull on the now twisted strings will cause it to spin again.

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A Buzz Saw is $5.00

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