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Currently out of stock. Our supplier lost their publisher. Until we can find a new publisher for a reasonable rate, we won't be able to supply this item.

This book serves a need that has been a "hole" in reenacting. For those times when you have wanted to have somewhere to write notes, keep accounts or other records, write instructions or recipes, or even just sketch, there was really no good source for blank books. These notebooks now fill that need.

We now carry blank books in both a large lined version (about 8 inches tall x 5 1/2 inches wide, ~112 sheets/224 pages if you use both sides) and a smaller lined or unlined version (about 5 1/2 inches tall x 4 inches wide, ~88 sheets/176 pages if you use both sides). They do have a simulated leather cover with cast simulated stitching. So if you have to have real leather, they would not be usable. However, the quality is so high, when you hold the book in your hand it is so realistic that it feels like leather and, unless you really look carefully at the stitching, you cannot tell that the stiching is synthetic. See the closeup images of the stiching to see.

Some of the uses were alluded to above. For an officer, they provide a means of keeping informal records, either for an impression or just as a means to have some modern information concealed in a period looking book, e.g., the emergency telephone numbers of the members. I've used mine for the modern purpose of keeping track of who has paid for company mess. For period uses, if you are doing a pay call, you could have journals for both the laundress and a sutler to present their bills for payment before the soldier is paid.

For civilians, they are ideal for recording a recipe instead of hauling a modern cookbook to an event. If you do knitting or other needlework, you can copy your instructions and bring the small notebook with you. Young ladies and gentlemen can also use one as a journal to record day to day events, friends' autographs, or hand copied poems, biblical verses, or inspirational writing. Anyone can use it as a sketch book.

Large: $XX.XX Small lined: $XX.XX Small Unlined: $XX.XX

For those that have ordered from us before, We did have a paper-bound version with a marbled paper cover but that is no longer published. They were almost 7 inches tall and just a scootch less than 4 inches wide with marbled paper covers and about 70 lined sheets for about 140 pages if you use both sides. We are searching for a new publisher and will change this page when we find one. That one was about 70 sheets = 140 pages using both sides and was Paperbound and at a cost of $6.95

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